Chief Minister categorically assures Gibraltarians that neither the UK nor Gibraltar will agree to anything not acceptable to Gibraltar.

​Chief Minister Gibraltar treaty

The Chief Minister wants to categorically assure Gibraltarians that neither the UK nor Gibraltar will agree to anything that is not acceptable to Gibraltar.

Chief Minister categorically assures Gibraltarians

Fabian Picardo says they continue working towards a safe and secure treaty that’s beneficial to all and where no red lines are crossed.

The comments follow Spanish Press reports quoting the Jose Manuel Albares as saying there will be Spanish Police at the Port and Airport.

The reports concede this is unacceptable to the UK and Gibraltar.

The Chief Minister told GBC the question of Frontex assisting Spanish Police for entry into Schengen for an initial period of four years was an issue already resolved in the New Year’s Eve framework agreement.

This also included the fact that Gibraltar would decide who enters Gibraltar. Fabian Picardo adds he’s not surprised that attempts are being made to re-litigate on key issues at this late stage. He warns against panicking towards the end of the process.

The Chief Minister believes negotiations have a better chance of succeeding if they’re not carried out in the media. The negotiations, are, he said, ridden with potential pitfalls but that it was the Government’s job to navigate around them.

Meanwhile, the office of the Governor has issued a statement confirming the UK-EU negotiations are ongoing and that the UK Government “is working side by side with the Gibraltar Government to seek an agreement that respects the balance of the December 2020 Political Framework.

A spokesperson said: “We are confident that with flexibility a deal can be reached that delivers for the region and does not compromise United Kingdom sovereignty”.

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