Gibraltar Top Attractions

Gibraltar Top Attractions

Although it has a compact size, Gibraltar surprises thousands of visitors each year with its range of attractions, that appeal to all age groups.

Take a look at the Gibraltar’s top attractions that drive millions of visitors to the Rock each year.

Gibraltar The Rock

St. Michael’s Cave

St. Michael's Cave, Gibraltar

There are between 140 and 150 caves inside Gibraltar’s Rock, but the most famous cave is St. Michael’s Cave.

Rich with stalagmites and stalactites, St. Michael’s Cave is a dramatic natural grotto.

The limestone cave sits at a height of 300 metres above sea level.

The cave’s natural auditorium is also used for concerts and theatre performances.

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The Barbary Apes

Apes were probably introduced by the Moors in the early 13th century from the Mountains of Morocco.

They live in packs on the upper Rock of Gibraltar and are the only remaining free roaming primates in Europe.

A macaque has no tail at all, and although referred to as an ape, is actually a monkey. Each macaque can live for

at least 20 years. Visitors happily mingle with them in their habitat, but it is illegal to feed them.

The Alameda Gardens

Alameda Botanical Garden Gibraltar

The Alameda Botanical Gardens were planted on the instruction of Lieutenant-Governor Sir

George Don in 1816. In the heart of the gardens lies the open-air theatre, which holds productions

throughout the summer months and a wildlife and conservation park.

Field with interesting botanical spices, the garden feature exotic plants, waterfalls, fountains, ponds

and an open air theatre.

Catalan Bay

Catalan Bay Gibraltar

Catalan Bay is the second-biggest sandy beach in Gibraltar and is full of life and cheer.

It is a former fishing village on the eastern side of the Rock and is very popular with both Gibraltarians’ and tourists.

The surrounding land use is predominantly residential, but there are some light-industrial activities and a hotel.
Whilst enjoying the beach day, why not have an al fresco lunch – you can choose from a range of restaurants

which specialise in fish and local dishes – we are sure you will not be disappointed.

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Ocean Village and Marina Bay

Ocean Village and Marina Bay

Ocean Village and Marina Bay Gibraltar

Ocean Village and Marina Bay Gibraltar

Ocean Village and Marina Bay offers a great selection of places to eat and drink, in addition to shopping 

facilities, Casino at Ocean Village, water sports activities, including diving, sailing and yacht hire.

Casemates Square

Casemates Square Gibraltar

Located in the heart of Gibraltar at the entrance of Main Street, Casemates Square is particularly

lively at night. This part of town is an ideal spot to enjoy refreshments at one of the numerous cafés and bars.

The square is also used for various major cultural events, live open-air concerts,

grand military parades, National Day celebrations and New Year’s Eve parties.

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