Great Siege Tunnels

Great Siege Tunnels

Learn about Gibraltar’s important strategic location and the 18th-century Great Siege with a visit to this fascinating museum and tunnels embedded in the Rock.

Poised between Africa and Europe, and the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Gibraltar has long held a vitally important strategic location. Enjoy a visit to the Military Heritage Centre and Great Siege Tunnels and discover 18th-century weapons, far-reaching views and an informative exhibition center.

While Gibraltar has undergone many sieges in its long history, none are as famous as the Great Siege of 1779-1783, when France and Spain attempted to recapture The Rock from the British. The tunnels that were dug to counter the attack are considered some of the most impressive defensive military structures ever built and true feats of engineering. Venture into the tunnels to see the great excavations and even spot some graffiti on the walls left by 18th-century soldiers.

Get up close to vast cannons and guns, which were used to ward off the enemy troops. A Victorian cannon can be found at the entrance and several other original guns are located around the site.

Learn more about the siege at the Military Heritage Centre housed at Princess Caroline’s Battery in the Upper Rock Nature Reserve. A small underground exhibition center here displays relics from the battery. A Memorial Chamber dedicated to the regiments that have been deployed to Gibraltar since the 18th century can also be seen here. Interestingly, Governor Lord Napier held a banquet here in 1878 for former U.S. President Ulysses S Grant.

The Military Heritage Centre and Great Siege Tunnels are located at the junction of Willis’s Road and Queen’s Road. Walk along Queen’s Road, past monkey hangout Apes’ Den to reach the entrance. Some excellent viewpoints can be found along the way so be sure to have your camera to hand as you walk up. An admission fee is required to enter both attractions. Buy a combined ticket, which covers all attractions in the Upper Rock Nature Reserve.


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