Little Bay Beach

Little Bay is a natural cove and is located in the south end of Camp Bay offering a smaller bathing area and a little swimming pool for children. Little Bay is a small rocky beach within the Southern Waters of Gibraltar Special Area of Conservation; an EU protected marine reserve.  

In addition to its popularity with bathers, Little Bay is also a very popular diving and snorkelling area due to the rich marine biodiversity found in the area. There are no predominant land uses in the vicinity of Little Bay.



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Things you can find in Little Bay

Fancy a nice a drink and a meal on the beach?
Gibraltar has a few bays and beaches who offer nice relaxing chiringuitos and restaurants where you can lay back and enjoy the sun over some nice food and drink.

Chiringuiro Piri Piri

Chiringuiro Piri Piri

Portuguese food is Mediterranean cuisine at its best, and like our people, it’s warm and spicy.

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