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Gibraltar is open for business.

A British Overseas Territory, Gibraltar is a self-governing and self-financing parliamentary democracy presently. Economically prosperous with a highly-diversified economy including financial services, e-gaming, shipping and tourism.

With its present status within the EU, Gibraltar-licensed banks, investment services firms, UCITS, insurance companies, reinsurance companies and insurance mediation firms benefit from access to the single European market. The decision of the United Kingdom to leave the EU may impact on our ability to continue with this right but the effects will not be fully known until an agreement with the EU is agreed.

The Economy

As a modern, vibrant, and low tax jurisdiction, exceptional professional infrastructure and presently with EU membership, Gibraltar provides the extensive scope of services that local and international investors require. Fully compliant with European standards of regulation, Gibraltar is home to numerous international trading entities and financial services companies. Gibraltar’s economy has often been described as ‘running on all cylinders’, with its impressive economic growth because of several unique influences;  

The Finance Centre – Banks, trust and company managers, insurance and reinsurance companies, funds, and high-quality subsidiary services such as accountancy, legal practices, communications and IT providers, have all made Gibraltar the first-class international business hub that it is today.

Tourism – Over 10m people visit Gibraltar every year, for business and leisure.

Maritime Services – Another vibrant factor of the economy that has brought prosperity to Gibraltar, with vessel bunkering a longstanding and prominent sector.

E-Gaming - Gibraltar rightly enjoys an international reputation as a centre of excellence in this ever-evolving industry.

The prosperous economic performance of this unique European jurisdiction has been reflected in ways that benefit the whole community, with considerable public spending on public provisions including health, education and social services. Gibraltar’s relentless pursuit and implementation of policies that create and sustain a stable environment have seen rising levels of business activity and investor confidence.


Gibraltar’s subtropical climate is as warm as the welcome of its people. Its rich history and environment ensures a distinguished position as a destination for both tourism and business.

From its vantage point over the Western Mediterranean, Gibraltar is known as the meeting place of continents. This spectacular British Overseas Territory, covering over six square kilometres, is situated at the southern tip of Spain overlooking the strait to Africa. At the foot of the iconic Rock of Gibraltar is the densely populated city area, home to almost 30,000 Gibraltarians and other nationalities, who are drawn together from many cultures.

Gibraltar's close proximity to Spain and mainland Europe offers many social, cultural and sporting opportunities including several world-renowned golf courses. A peninsular at the meeting point of the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean provides the perfect setting for all forms of exciting water sports.

Gibraltar is proud to offer A high standard of primary and secondary education, with ambitious plans to build new schools well underway. Tertiary education is funded by the Government to qualifying individuals, and the recent opening of Gibraltar’s first university adds to the breadth of locally available academic opportunities.

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