Azopardi: BID project appears to have been mishandled, but there are wider economic issues

The Leader of the Opposition says the Business Improvement District project appears not to have been handled correctly, based on the objections put forward by businesspeople.

On “The Opposition: Your Questions” on GBC Television, Keith Azopardi said the criticisms appear to be of the process, with very few people voting, and questions over whether they were notified and whether they knew what the impact of the project would be. However, he said there were wider economic issues, with the situation having changed since the scheme was initially devised.

Keith Azopardi said if the GSD enters into Government in the next election it will inherit the current economic situation, and will have to make “hard choices”, with the first talk being to balance the books with a “prudent fiscal policy”.

On the question of juvenile offenders, he said there was a need to bring back civic pride, and that part of this could mean toughening laws and giving judges the tools to issue firmer sentences.