More dogs than ever requiring attention, says AINF

Gibraltar Rescue Dogs

The Animals in Need Foundation says it is working beyond capacity, with more dogs than ever requiring its attention.

The foundation hosted a Halloween-themed stall over the weekend to raise funds and encourage the public to foster or adopt dogs in its care.

Spokesperson, Eugenie Cottrell, said there has been a steep rise in cases in which people are incapable of caring for their pets and turn to the foundation for support.

Physical ailments, mental health issues and the cost of living crisis are among the factors leading to owners having to give up their dogs.

While the foundation says it will continue to do its best to support owners and their pets, it is unsure whether it will be able to continue meeting the growing demand.

Ms Cottrell says she is unclear on what infrastructure if any exists in Gibraltar to help families and individuals in these situations.

The foundation will be reaching out to the Chief Minister in the coming week to seek help.

To find out more, or to donate to the charity, visit their website here.