VIDEO: Sailing boat owners caught shooting at killer whales at the Strait of Gibraltar 

A NUMBER of people in a sailing boat have been caught shooting at killer whales at the Strait of Gibraltar. 

Disgraceful footage shows the boat owners firing several shots at a pod of killer whales near the beaches of Tarifa. 

The moment was captured on camera by a number of holidaymakers travelling in a tourist boat, who asked the shooters to cease fire. 

Spain’s animalist party PACMA has confirmed they will ask authorities to take measures against the occupants of the boat. 

A tweet published by Pacma showing the horrible footage

In a statement, the animal rights party has remembered that killer whales are catalogued as a vulnerable species by the Spanish Threatened Species Association (CEEA) and that therefore, any act aiming to kill, capture, chase or disturb them is forbidden. 

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